“Your Dick Looks More Like A Fanny!” – Cuties Abuse Baby Little dick Loser

Forced guy clothed female naked male humiliation.

Krystal has been out on a date with “big Bob” but when they arrive back to her place and she strips off ready to fuck, this chap asks her to switch the lights off. She says no and as this stud strips off this sweetheart notices how plump this dude is and that his scones are bigger than hers! Even worse is when he is absolutely nude and this female notices his dick is tiny! She calls out to Syren and Axa and they are in shock about how miniature it’s as well. They abuse the boy-friend for being plump and make fun of him that this chap probably can’t look at his own cock without a mirror. “You’ve got a big belly but nothing else is large” they taunt him. They liken it to a snatch and say they have never come across anything so minute. The embarrassed Bob has to put up with all three females ripping him to pieces and when they begin playing with his pinner and showing him their bazookas to see if it can grow, he loses control and shoots out a sad ball cream load, making them laugh even more!

This bulky fucker was fortunate enough to pull stunning Krystal to begin with thanks to showing off with his money, but he was never going to keep her when she clocked his useless pinner. If you love seeing groups of glamorous chicks belittle boy-friends with pathetic penises, click this link for more from Hey Weenie.

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