Sweethearts Laugh As Birthday Stud Is Miniature Compared To His Friend

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It’s Graham’s birthday and his closest buddy has hired him 3 pretty honey strippers to show him a wonderful time. Not only are they strippers but they give handjobs too and they ask the males to take their lingerie off so they can get started. The best friend lowers his panties and reveals his well-proportioned inch worm but when the shy Graham does the same he reveals a small cock and the gals burst out laughing. They say that in all their time doing this they have never seen anything so miniature and tease him about having a second belly button not a penis. “I still can’t see it,” says Amanda as Vivian tries in vain to find Graham’s inch worm. When they do find his one inch little dick they struggle to play with it and embarrass him by comparing him to his best friend who has grown to 8 inches thanks to a tugjob from the lovely Jess. As this hottie makes the best friend jizz all over the place, the other females laugh their heads off when Graham spunks out a small puddle by comparison.

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