Waitresses Turn Tables And Embarrass Chef’s Useless Baby Cock

Forced guy cfnm humiliation.

Two female caterers are getting shouted at by an conceited chef and finally reach their wits end and accuse him of having “tiny tiny tim syndrome”. This guy denies it and claims this man has a huge inch worm but the women aren’t convinced and begin prodding the front of his trousers. This guy asks ’em to stop but they do the opposite and pull his trousers down and giggle at the non-existence of a bulge. They look inside his pants and burst out laughing at the miniscule maggot they find inside. The girls were expecting a monster cock]] but its only a pathetic maggot. As they pull his underwear down and giggle at his cock, Red compares it with a teaspoon – which is bigger! This babe hits his inch worm with the spoon to see if it has a reaction and then the gals get their boons out while they milk him and this guy soon begins to get turned on – but not much bigger. As this stud cums, Red places her hand in front of his willy to see how much he produces and the gals joke at his little load.

This boy soon regretted being nasty to these chicks as they discovered his “little” secret and teased him mercilessly about it. Gals want large willies so if you don’t stack up you can expect to get embarrassed for it. Click this link to see how breathtaking women behave when they don’t come across a big inch worm in your trousers.

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