Unwilling Salesman Is Stripped And Jerked For Having A Miniature Tiny tim

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Brian is attempting to push his new line of dudes swimwear to senior purchasers Michelle and Nikita. He blags ’em that it enhances the male bulge and looks great in the summer. The sweethearts aren’t persuaded though and, coz their model hasn’t shown up, they convince Brian to show off the shorts if this boy-friend hopes to get the deal. But, as he comes back in the ladies don’t think his bulge has been enlarged at all. As Brian informs ’em that as it happens this man isn’t very large anyway, they burst out giggling and request to see his little dick! They pull down the trunks and shriek in amazement at his pathetic little dick. This guy is clearly erect and the hotties are gobsmacked it can’t get any larger. As they show off their suspenders at him he goes past the point of no return and shoots a tiny puddle of semen on the table allowing ’em to embarrass him even more!

This man only wanted the order but the mean office ladies weren’t going to let him go as soon as they discovered he had a baby pinner. They stripped him nude and humiliated him mercilessly, not worrying about his feelings at all. This dude obviously got off on it though as this guy quickly shot his load, making ’em think the useless loser had never been near a hawt gal in his life. If you love watching small weenie losers being constrained by groups of gorgeous ladies, click here to see more from Hey Cock now.

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