Unlucky Boy Is Forced To Reveal His “Small Problem” To Three Laughing Babes!

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Gilly is sitting with her friend John attempting to discover why he never has any woman . Just as he is about to spill the beans, Crystal and Holly walk in and this man has to reveal his “little problem” before all three females. He reveals to ’em he has a baby little dick but they don’t think he’s telling the truth. They tell him to get up and undress so they can assure him his size is OK. But, as his panties come off they look in surprise at the littles willy they have ever set eyes on! The ladies can’t hold back and embarrass him as Gilly admits this honey believed he was a poofter. The ladies torture him mercilessly and let him see their milk cans and thongs to make him explode. But when this guy does, they humiliate him about what a pathetic amount this guy produced!

He was planning to spill the beans to friends and get some words of support but when these ladies set eyes on his baby penis they ripped him to shreds. There is no point trying to support a cock cunny like him so they just embarrassed him and laughed at his useless manhood. They forced him to cum for their pleasure and joked even more at his pathetic dribble – and from this point on they are planning to treat him like a second class citizen now they know his weakness. If you are a diminutive weenie wanker as well you should click this link to go to Hey Cock now!

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