2 Babes Humiliate HeyLittleDick.com Subscriber For E-mailing A Picture Of His Minute Penis

What an incredible idea! By joining HeyLittleDick.com you can then send in pictures of your weenie and have actual recordings made of the girls giggling and teasing your very own willy for the world to see! I don’t know of any other company that offers this. This is what I call viewer involvement! I’m intend to sign up now by clicking here and then send them a photo of my pathetic cock to humiliate!

We regularly get weenie images e-mailed in by our members and we thought as a joke, considering almost all of them don’t have faces in ’em, we should let some of our sweethearts have a glimpse at ’em. Here, Masie and Satine take a look at some print offs of a truly petite knob and rip into him as they laugh their titties off. They have not ever set eyes on something so small and brand it a baby size knob. Masie can’t work out why his thumb is larger than his cock and belittles him by telling him her cat has a greater quantity impressive penis than him – and she’s a female! We leave the cameras recording after the sweethearts make almost certainly of we have finished and listen to even greater amount shock and confusion at such “a weird dick!”

Lot of clothed female naked male humiliation vids for you Go into here to watch!

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