Two Ladies Abuse Fellow When His Cock Is Likewise Diminutive For A Condom

Forced males cfnm humiliation.

Ron has replied to an advert in the newspaper for a male model but when this man arrives he is questioned by 2 ladies about a cock rubber advert! They ask him plenty of questions about his rod and eventually talk him into showing it to them. As he takes off his trousers and lets ’em peek inside the ladies suddenly burst out laughing and start naming his knob a little worm. Red says she will need greater quantity rock hard spectacles to be able to see it as it’s so diminutive and this babe passes her colleague a magnifying glass so she can receive a better look at the little pecker. Ron is highly shocked at the laughter cuz he believed he was a decent size but the ladies’ continuous amusement, jokes and verbal humiliate make him think otherwise. They begin to play with it with two fingers to see if it acquires any larger and when old-timer Ron starts apologizing they realize he’s about to explode everywhere, but his “eruption” just makes ’em laugh even greater amount!

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