Tiny Penis Gets Abused By 3 Laughing Babes

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Phil is relaxing on the settee] [[chatting to Paige, Nikita and Hottie when one of the gals realizes this stud has a blemish on his trousers. The hotties tell him to take them off so they can get it off. This stud is very reluctant and as they tug at his flies they discover out why – he’s wearing women’s underwear! As soon as his secret is discovered the females won’t accept no for an answer and they lift him to his feet, strip him and laugh at the red clothes he’s wearing. Then they spot how tiny his willy is inside the thong and can’t stop laughing. They tug the underwear down and flick the “baby dick” and belittle it by saying “bless the little thing”. They then decide to get some more beauties lingerie and put a pink suit on him before taking turns to jerk his little pinner to see if it grows any larger. The ladies are waiting for it to grow bigger and bigger but very soon it erupts and they realise that was full size!

Women’s pants are more comfortable and feel smoother than men’s right? Wrong, you tiny inch worm sissy loser! Get your faggot booty over to Hey Cock now so us girls can humiliate you for the sad diminutive dick loser you really are. Proper male have massive cocks and wear boxers – but then your baby little dick deserves to wear clothes – click here so we can humiliate you now!

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