Three Nurses Humiliate Tiny Weenie Patient As They Try To Screw Him

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David is attending the doctor’s for a check up but nurse Loz is a bit taken aback at how little his weenie is so she fetches nurses Tammie and Jessica for a second opinion. When they set eyes on his baby pinner they can not stop giggling as well. The unlucky fellow is then subjected to embarrassmen and abuse from the babes who have never set eyes on everything so pathetic. They discuss if it even performs properly and David arrogantly says this chap is outstanding at sex. Nurse Loz decides to check this out and whips down her thong and jumps on top of his willy. As this guy starts humping vertically she has to check with the other females if his little dick is even in her cunt! She then tells him that if this chap is hoping to have children at some point this guy might be better off fostering coz she can’t see him ever correctly impregnating a gal. This babe then gets on all fours and Tammie and Jessica humiliate him while attempting to thrust his dick in and out of Loz’s vagina. The nurses can’t stop laughing and really howl with laughter when this guy erupts all over Loz’s bare butt. “Well the earth really moved there,” says Loz sarcastically and the angels walk out cackling their heads off.

Just because they are nurses doesn’t mean they won’t tease you for having a little willy! This unfortunate dude could not believe it when the female doctors burst out laughing at his worthless willy. This guy couldn’t believe his luck when this stud got to fuck one of ’em but they weren’t even able to feel his little willy and this dude soon exploded all over the poor nurse who hadn’t had any satisfaction whatsoever. Click this link to watch more movie scenes like this from Hey Inch worm.

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