3 Sweethearts Tease Virgin Loser For His Little Willy

The lessons from this story is be careful who you trust if you are lacking in the trouser department! All chicks want large penises and consider worthless miniature willies a matter of joke. If u tell ’em about your tiny situation they will ruin you for it – but you would probably love that right? If u like being belittled click this link to view more pathetic tiny penises being ridiculed!

Andy confides in Aunt Wendy that this chab hasn’t had sex in advance of and explains it is caused by having a little weenie. That babe tells him not to worry and assures him his cock can’t be that little but when this chab lets her see she’s gobsmacked by the baby maggot that pops out of his underclothes! This babe completely forgets that Lexi and Stephanie are on their way over for coffee and they walk in and spot his pathetic knob before he’s able to cover up. The three ladies embarrass his little weenie, laughing their tits off and saying that fellow is going to be a virgin forever. They show him their pointer sisters and thongs to demonstrate to him what PROPER chaps can enjoy. The useless idiot gets so aroused by the humiliation that he discharges on the kitchen top previous to Lexi knees him in the testicles and throws him out!

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