Thief Is Trapped, Stripped And Abased For His Little Weapon

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When two angels catch a robber in their living room they wrestle him to the ground and telephone the Police. When officer Wendy arrives she pats him down to check for weapons but is shocked that she can’t feel anything at all between his legs. As the angels outnumber him Wendy decides to take off his trousers and then his underwear to study in more detail and they are all shocked at how small his dick is. “There’s certainly no large weapons down there,” laughs Valentina at the little willy. The ladies gather round him to take a closer look and remark on how similar it’s to a little snail. They start to play with it to see if it gets any bigger but can’t help giggling that bad people like him were obviously at the back of the handing out dicks. As the 3 of them take turns to stroke it the burglar loses control and starts to cum which makes the chicks laugh even more. “Let’s get this wanker to prison, he’s no use to anyone out here,” says Wendy.

Gals want studs with giant penises, plain and simple. If you aren’t hiding a serious snake in your pants make sure our charming cuties don’t spot it or they will tear you to shreds. Our breathtaking angels want real boy, not some pathetic little small-cock tosser and they are quite ready to tell you to your face. If you like watching ladies humiliating boy with baby willys, you got to click this link to see more from Hey Dick.

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