Swimming Pool Shrivelling Or Just A Miniature Pinner – These Girls Think The Latter!

Forced man clothed female naked male humiliation.

3 sweethearts are chatting about pinner lengths and the fact that they don’t accept there are really any very baby ones in the world. Just then Bob comes in having been in the pool and the ladies notice that this dude doesn’t have a big bulge at the front of his trunks. They ask him about whether it was chilly out there and giggle and then decide to discover out if Bob has a diminutive tiny tim. They begin tugging his trunks down and quickly set eyes on their first baby [penis|cock|willy|dick]]. The opening shock soon gives way to laughter and the babes quickly grab a tape measure so they can see exactly how small it is. When it only gets to 2 inches on the measure they speculate about whether it grows any larger and begin wanking it. They undress and show him their perfect young bodies to provide him some encouragement but the pathetic cock doesn’t become any larger and the chicks humiliate him before telling the loser to get out!

Is it possible that there is a larger humiliation than having 3 fantastic honeys laughing at the worthless size of your manhood? Being taunted by pretty gals about how your weenie is too diminutive to fuck is so humiliating – but if you are one of those useless wankers with a little manhood click this link to see boys like you being laughed at by stunning girls!

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