Party Girls Humiliate “Mr Tiny” And Make Him Ejaculate On Himself

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Barmen Michel is chatting to 3 hotties when the renowned “Mr Big” arrives. This boy-friend decides to join the ladies who become fascinated in why his nickname is Mr Large. Disregarding his answer they grab between his legs expecting to find a big dick – instead they struggle to feel everything! The ladies all have a grope of his groin and decide to spread a rumour that Mr Big is really Mr Diminutive. To keep ’em quiet this fellow offers ’em a pay off but they wanna see him in the nude first to see how miniature it’s. When they have him stripped off they are stunned by how little his penis is and they get a ruler from their handbag to measure it with. As the 3 females abase and laugh at him, he begins to get horny and as Jess pulls up her skirt and shows him her thong and then Hannah shows him her milk cans, this stud jizzes all over himself while they giggle and wonder if that’s all he’s got!

He pretended to be all large and beefy but in fact this stud had a minute cock and the hotties quickly found this. Unlucky boy then got taunted by 3 stunners for being pathetic. Seems like this dude loved the embarrassment though as this boy-friend soon spunked on himself making the girls laugh even more! If you like seeing breathtaking hotties humiliating sad tiny dick wankers then click here to head over to Hey Cock now and see more films like this one.

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