Music Pupils Giggle And Jerk off Tutor’s Miniature Willy

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Simon is attempting to teach a piano lesson but the students seem to not be concentrating and haven’t been practising their scales since the last session. They are suddenly more interested in the bulge in his trousers than the piano and they ask him if his willy is as wide as his tie. The teacher is surprised] start rubbing the front of his trousers and laughing that there doesn’t appear to be a lot down there. They undo his trousers and look shocked when they look inside his boxer shorts. They take all his clothes off and laugh as they set eyes on his tiny cock for the first time. The tutor is abased when the students tell him how tiny his weenie is but they begin jerking it to see if it grows. Krystal can’t stop laughing at it but tried to help him by saying that if this guy bald his pubic hair it would make his small worm look a little larger. The abase and giggling clearly arouses the teacher though and this dude starts to cum, making the pupils cry with laugher even more.

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