Musclebound Gym Hunk Is Embarrassed About His Petite Willy By Two Gorgeous Ladies

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This fellow might have been a big strong stud but he was a weak little idiot in the willy area. I would rather go for a giant willy than massive muscles – as this loser discovered out, it doesn’t matter what the size of your arms are – it’s the size of your rod that’s vital. If u are too a sad little cock loser you should click this link and hurry over to Hey Little Knob where the rest of your pussy pals can be found being tormented by hawt sweethearts.

When Large, powerful Alan gets back from a training session his housemate and her pal are very impressed with the size of his muscles. But, French girl Lou announces that she understands that the muscley gym types always have small jocks. The hotties giggle about this but then since Alan appears nervous they start to think it is true. They nudge the front of his shorts and don’t understand why there’s not much there. They tell him to take his garments off and they burst out laughing when they set eyes on the small winkle where his rod should be. “Your testicles are bigger than your dick” says Lou in her hawt French accent. The chicks torment him and milk him with thumb and index fingers and it is not lengthy previous to that stud emits a useless splattering of jism which makes ’em laugh at him even more!

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