Mum Shy Daughter To Stay Clear Of Tiny Willies

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Gilly is worried about her daughter Jess and the kind of males this babe is dating. With the help of Aunt Holly, this honey plans to teach her about what fellows she should go for. “Don’t end up with the bottom of the barrel” they explain to her. When this female doesn’t understand, Gilly calls in her friend Peter who she knows has a little willy. They take his clothes off in front of Jess who looks and is gob-smacked when she sees his weenie. “Where’s the rest of it?” this female questions ’em shyly before they all erupt with laughter. The three ladies then abuse and giggle constantly at the useless willy in front of them. The aged chicks even demonstrate to Jess how to masturbate a little cock with simply two fingers. The sad idiot evidently doesn’t get laid often because after just a short bit of stroking he suddenly spunks onto the table in front of him. His puddle of cum is so minute that the ladies kill themselves laughing as it’s the most worthless thing they have ever seen!

Having seen a really diminutive tiny tim, young hottie Jess has made up her mind to never fuck a guy with a dick. It’s only well hung proper dudes for her from now on. If you’re a miniature willy wanker like this male then you won’t be getting any wet crack and will spend your whole day wanking your cock – in which case you have to head over to Hey Dick to view more movie scenes like this one where charming beauties tease useless losers like you.

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