Medical Students Laugh At Studs Patient For His Baby Little dick

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Don has attended his surgery to be examined over his “tiny problem downstairs” but is panicked when the regular men this man sees is away and he has to speak to a hottie doctor. She tells him this hottie has seen it all before but as he takes off his boxer shorts to let her see the issue, she can’t help but bursting out into giggles. She thinks his small little dick is so laughable that this hottie calls 3 more gals in to share it with them. As they first set eyes on his tiny weenie they also yell out in amazement and giggle. They gauge it with a ruler and start degrading him, taunting him “half a man” and “deformed” and giggling that his nuts are larger than his dick. They then each have a go to jerk it to check if it’s capable of becoming any larger and as the worthless man gets turned on he erupts all over their hands.

This chap was expecting the doctor to be sympathetic but instead this woman beckoned her female colleagues in so they could all have a laugh at his predicament. The poor loser has a miniature pinner but those chicks do not pull any punches – they love huge penises and any dudes without one is going to be ridiculed. If this type of diminutive dick humiliation gets you off, then head over to Hey Tiny tim now to see lots more films like this one.

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