This dude Takes Off His Trousers To Dispel Rumour But Is Then Teased For His Baby Weenie

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After an office gathering Krystal, Tanya and Ron have headed home for a nightcap. While they are chatting the ladies ask Ron why one of the other ladies at work is circulating rumours that this dude has a baby cock. Ron confesses that he slept with the cutie but says they were very intoxicated so she is definitely mistaken about his size. The hotties don’t believe him and inform him the only way to clear his name is to let them see his pinner. Begrudgingly Ron lowers his trousers but is shocked when the beauties burst out laughing. They explain to him the other cutie was correct and his pinner is baby! They look at his willy up close and begin jerking it to test if it gets any bigger but continually tease him about how they normally need an entire palm to milk a boy rather than a few fingers. When this chap cums all over their hands they call him useless and taunt him that they are going to inform the whole office about his small problem!

This man was hoping to prove ’em wrong by showing ’em his willy but he simply made matters worse – poor studs didn’t realise this man had a miniature one but those 2 ladies soon put him straight on that one! You’ve to understand, ladies like giant knobs to pleasure them and if you’ve simply got a baby sausage between your thighs expect to get confused by the opposite sex. Click this link to see more from Hey Pinner now.

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