Charming Girl Compares Baby Inch worm Wanker With Her Well Hung Boyfriend

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Tanya is chatting to her friend Krystal about how this hottie has never had any experience of a diminutive cock in real life. It turns out that Krystal’s boyfriend is very tiny and she offes to show Tanyalet Tanya take a look when he comes back from the shops. As this stud enters, the 2 ladies jump on him and force him to reluctantly undress right there and then. When his boxer shorts come down Tanya is stunned by howlittle his inch worm is and says, “is that it?” before bursting out laughing. She observes Krystal wank his inch worm with two fingers and then attempts it herself. This chick chuckles at how her palm covers his penis and ridicules him by comparing him to her boyfriend who is hung like a rhinoceros. “It takes great large strokes to play with my boyfriend’s dick, not like this baby thing!” this hottie giggles at him. The humiliate seems to arouse this pathetic wanker though and he has a massive orgasm that hits Krystal’s shirt and his own chest. The ladies agree that at least he cums a lot but they still wouldn’t screw him as his willy is too minute to feel anything.

How degraded can you possibly get? Being compared to another dudes by two charming beauties and being discovered lacking! So you have a little pinner, that’s just the way it is. Do gorgeous angels really got to push your nose in the fact that they will never fuck a small inch worm wanker like you? Well, yeah they do as it happens . . and at Hey Little dick they are REALLY worthwhile at it! Click this link to see more of their scenes.

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