Cuties Tease Repair Chap His “Tool” Is Too Little For The Job

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Two Ladies have rung up a repairman to fix the cooling system in their office. This guy seems to be a “wide boy” from London, always boasting about the fact he has the right “tool” for the job – so the ladies decide to check it out! Before the poor chap realizes what is happening they are grabbing the front of his boiler dress and laughing that they can’t feel anything. They take off his uniform, but when they peer inside his boxer shorts all they discover is a giant let-down! The angels decide to abase the stud for boasting about such a miniature willy and start playing with it to see if it will get any bigger. As they mock him about having a pathetic dick, they bigger and as it begins to grow slightly it also jizzes a load of cum all over the ground which makes the sweethearts tease him even more.

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