Cuties Giggle And Embarrass Stud Who Believed He Had A Big Tiny tim

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3 ladies call in a computer technician to repair their PC. They tell him they urgently need the computer to operate their online dating business which caters for ladies wanting to discover well hung boy. The cocky technician says he fits the bill for that but the ladies never take anyone onto their books without checking out the goods first. They begin stripping him off but when they look inside his boxer shorts they look amused and ask him where his dick is. He reveals it properly to them and they erupt into fits of laughter at how diminutive it is. They couldn’t even see it first time around! All three sweethearts are amazed at how small his pinner is and they start poking it and playing with it while making jokes and giggling at it. They let him see their mounds to see if that will cause it to grow but it just gets more erect without growing much. As they carry on jerking off it, this fella suddenly ejaculates all over the place causing even more jokes that their humiliation was making him aroused.

He thought his pinner was a decent size but when those gals took his clothes off they couldn’t believe how minute it was and they teased him mercilessly for it. Face it males – ladies are interested in huge knobs to pleasure ’em so if haven’t got something big hanging between your legs, be prepared for the ladies to giggle and tease you. Click here to get your pathetic baby weenie over to Hey Tiny tim to see more males being humiliated by charming ladies for having a tiny cock.

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