Cutie Forces Boastful Boyfriend Show His Baby Willy To Her Friends

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Jess is confessing to friends Amanda and Vivian that she has not slept with her new boyfriend yet because she recently groped the front of his trousers and there wasn’t much there. When he comes home the ladies question him about it but this stud starts bragging about how giant his penis is. Jess tells him to reveal it to ’em but he refuses and says this guy doesn’t wanna or her friends will get envious of her. After boasting about his size, the ladies are very keen to see but when he finally drops his trousers all it reveals is the littlest dick they have ever seen! It appears to be only about an inch long and the ladies giggle at him and ask if it grows any bigger. They get him on the couch and carry on laughing and taunting him about the size of his miniature willy. He is that they aren’t impressed and as they begin] to [[wank it he grows to 2 inches and the ladies joke even more that this is full size. With the 3 of ’em playing with his penis he soon ejaculates but Jess instantly gets rid of him and orders him out of the apartment! “We don’t date little penises here,” say the babes.

This glamorous honey was expecting her new lover to have a giant cock to satisfy her young lascivious body but when this guy took off his panties this woman only saw a pathetic maggot. Nice-looking women only go out with well hung stud so this tiny dick loser didn’t have a chance. Click this link to see more scenes like this one where hot females humiliate male with diminutive weenies.

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