Chubby Slob Has A Penis And Those Two Ladies Tease Him For It

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2 girls come home to discover their friend Rebecca’s new boyfriend in the bath. They start interrogating him about Rebecca’s boasts that this stud was well endowed. They comment on how bulky he’s and that he looks like the character Obese Bastard in the Austin Powers clips – and he had a tiny cock! The unfortunate guy commits the mistake of telling them that his cock isn’t miniature so the girls tug him up out of the bath so they have a better look. They cannot believe their eyes when they set eyes on the smallest willy in the world. Krystal even says she can’t discover it and can only see two testicles. The cuties laugh hysterically and are extremely rude to him. They get him onto his back on the floor and try to masturbate his inch worm but find it hard work coz it’s so miniature. It eventually reaches about two inches at which point he shoots! The cuties are amazed that was him at full size and walk out laughing.

This chap had a two inch willy but had A lot of weight to shove it in with – but these breathtaking babes still weren’t interested. If this chap had been hung like a horse they would have forgiven how chunky this chap was but his miniature dick meant they were forced to abuse him. If you’re also a tiny cock loser like this guy you should get your worthless butt over to Hey Dick to watch more sexy honeys laughing and jerking pathetic little willies.

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