Bitchy College Chicks Humiliate Baby Knob Loser While Riding On His Face

Unfortunate Mike is attempting to be accepted into the fraternity and has been handed over to a vindictive angels house to complete some tests as part of his hazing. The ladies agree they will use him for some sexual pleasure – whether he permits it or not – but when they undress him they can not believe how baby his penis is. They will never be able to get any sexual satisfaction from this worthless dick so they torment him instead. The women laugh and abuse his tiny penis before taking their own clothes off and riding on his face to see if his tongue is bigger than his penis. As they laugh at his inadequate manhood they stroke it to find if it will grow any larger. When it fails to grow they start giving him an oral sex but it merely grows slightly bigger before he erupts all over himself with one of the angels still sitting on his face. The girls throw him out without his clothes, telling him they plan to inform all his frat pals about his “tiny problem”!

Poor man merely wished to get into the fraternity but now everyone is going to discover out what a miniature weenie this fellow has. Those wicked females abased him for his pathetic girth and now the whole college will know about it. Not only will he never get any cunt but this chap will have every gal in campus chuckling at him as they walk past him. For more from Hey Little Dick now! Get full access!

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