Baby Willy Stud Has His Little dick Compared To Children’s Cartoon Character

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Sasha has booked a technician coz her telephone isn’t working. He tells them he can not repair it until this guy comes back the next day with some parts, but this chap still demands his call-out fee. The three ladies are not very impressed and tell him they can sort something out – but when they sit him down and begin rubbing his groin sensuously, they find this stud has very little in there! They strip him off against his will and then giggle at his lack of a bulge. When his pants come off they giggle even more at his little cock and Sasha even refers to it as a “Borrowers” weenie after the Disney film featuring tiny people. The three ladies begin taking turns to play with the miniature willy while giggling and mocking him for his lack of size. They tell him his little pinner would’nt satisfy any of ’em but this seems to turn him on and he starts spunking – which makes them laugh at him even more!

You got a tiny penis? Well don’t wait for any consoling from our sweethearts. They want enormous knobs and anything smaller is just there to be abused and laughed at. Large willy boys can service ’em whenever they can not live without but you little dick guys can only dream about getting with ladies this glamorous. Click here to see exactly what our babes would do if they saw your worthless weenie.

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